Friday, October 28, 2011

Zombie Snotchos

This one is for all of the zombie-loving, Walking Dead fans! Neon-green zombie snotchos. Totally edible and totally gross. Get this recipe and over 20 more in the Sick Eats ebook.

Tarantula Pizza

This is a fake tarantula and real bugs on a pizza. Find the recipe in the Sick Eats ebook


Perfect for Halloween, April Fools or just when you want to make something gross. Full recipe in the Sick Eats ebook.

No-Bake Potting Soil Clumps

These dirt clods are completely edible and actually tasty. Find this recipe and others in the Sick Eats ebook

Pill Popper's Party Mix

No, those pills are not real. They are actually made from jelly beans and candy tablets. This very simple recipe is sure to shock your friends for Halloween. Full recipe can be found in the Sick Eats ebook.